It is mostly seen that the common worry among the webmaster is about dupe content. On being asked, is there a need to worry about duplicate content issues when submitting articles? This is what Matt Cutts had to say:

He said that, “I often get questions from whitehat sites who are worried that they might receive duplicate content penalties because they have the same article in different formats ( e.g. a paginated version and a printer-ready version). While it’s helpful to try to pick one of those articles and exclude the other version from indexing, typically a whitehat site doesn’t neet to worry about 1-3 versions of an article on their own site. However, be mindful that taking all your articles and submitting them for syndication all over the place can make it more difficult to determine how much the site wrote its own content vs just used syndicated content.”

Further Matt Cutts has following advice for the worried webmaters:

  • Avoid over-syndicating the articles that you write.
  • However, if you do syndicate content, make sure that you include a link to the original content. That will help ensure that the original content has more PageRank, which will aid in picking the best documents in our index.

Commenting in his own blog, Matt Cutts says that for the most part, these heuristics work well and pick the best copy, but there are definitely steps you can take that make the decisions easier for search engines. There you go!


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