In a fresh upgrade involving punctuation marks, Google has updated its search results. So, now when you search for a “;” as in semicolon, you will now get search results. While some of the results are relevant, some may be not (the search for “/” slash reveals a music band with the same name on top). Here is what the search for “!” reveals:

Google Symbol

This was reported by Google Operating System that Google was showing results for some punctuation symbols, as opposed to earlier, where it did not index them. Now you can see results for symbols/punctuation marks like:

  1. [.]- Full Stop
  2. [,]- Comma
  3. [:]- Colon
  4. [;]- Semicolon
  5. [#]- Hash
  6. [%]- Percent
  7. [@]- At
  8. [^]- Carat
  9. [)]- Brackets
  10. [~]- Tilde
  11. [|]- Vertical Bar
  12. ["]- Quotes
  13. [<] Less than/Greater Than
  14. [$]- Dollar symbol
  15. [!]- Exclamation Mark
  16. [‘]- Apostrophe
  17. [&]- Ampersand
  18. [ _ ]- Underscore
  19. [-]-  Minus sign
  20. [+]-  Plus sign
  21. [=]-  Equals sign

Do these searches for yourself and see.


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