Stories about Google’s plans to run R&D department in Russia have been floating in the industry from the last one year. And to add more to it comes the news that Sergei Burkov, Founder & CEO of Dulance will operate Google’s development center in Russia. Opening R&D centre in Russia is understandable, but does that mean that Google has acquired Dulance? The news still remains a rumor.  Refer SEW for a detailed picture on the issue.

Dulance is a shopping engine which sells goods over Web.  Its function is to automatically extract information such as price and description of a product from Websites, to store in its data base. Google’s Froogle on the other hand is quite different from its competitor because unlike Dulance, it enable the traders to upload specifically formatted data manually. Infact, Froogle initially started off as a crawler but ended up taking data feeds. Till date Froogle has nearly 50,000 data feeds, despite of the fact that the quality of the feeds is just average. The two are entirely different in their functionality. Now, the question here arises, "does Dulance plans to integrate into Froogle service?" Well, nothing can be concluded as the matter is still unclear.

A few weeks back Burkov’s shift to Google was mysterious, until the news of Google’s acquisition over Dulance cropped up from the Russian resources.  If this is the case, then it won’t be wrong to predict that Dulance has strong plans to integrate into Froogle service. But, the ironical part lies in the fact that Google has not made any such statements officially.

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