John Mueller from Google, has an informative post on Google+ citing the reasons behind delayed or not real time reports in the Google Search Console.

Google is being questioned all the time by people – why the error that they fixed a day ago is still showing as an error in the Google Search Console. Another common query is – they went AMP friendly and still no reports reflect in the AMP reporting tool in the Google Search Console even after days. All this delay is the result of the fact that Google Search Console is at least two days behind when it comes to reporting showing up.

Google’s John Mueller explained there are two main factors which define how these reports are generated: 1) latency from crawling to reporting and 2) per-URL crawl rates differ.

  1. Latency from crawling to reporting: To display data after it has been crawled, Search Console takes anywhere between a few days to about a week. With a number of processes that run over the data, Search Console makes an attempt to reflect the final state and this may take a bit of time to get. This is clearly visible when there is an abrupt change like going from “no AMP pages” to “lot of AMP pages”.
  2. Pre-URL crawl rates differ: There are some URLs that are crawled every few minutes, then there are those which are crawled after every couple of months, and some are crawled in between. It will take some time to drop to “zero errors” in the aggregated reports if you go from “all URLs broken” to “all URLs are fixed”. This seems to be too much, but John Mueller has made a spreadsheet to show that, go ahead, make a copy and play with it:

Why the search console reporting is not real time: Explains Google

Quite often, we get to see this question popping up in the forums.
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