Yahoo! is bringing you each and every action of the ICC World Cup 2011, currently being played in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Yahoo! announced that its users can catch all action and also get relevant information on anything related to the ongoing mega sporting event. From Live Scores, Schedules and Player Profiles, you can get them all from Yahoo!’s Cricket property with few easy steps.

You can get updates on (up to two) live cricket matches, by just running a search for a simple query, for example, 'cricket live' or 'cricket.' You can also see which team is batting and the scores of the two batsmen who are currently batting. Also, you can see match results with final scores for any recently completed matches.

Any information for upcoming matches including their venues, day of the match and starting times etc., can also be acquired. Yahoo! can display up to three upcoming matches' information for you.

If you are looking for player profiles, you may find in the results images, posts, videos and so on. Even more, Yahoo! can give you a quick peek at each player's (past or current) statistics, from the oldest to the most current, in all forms of international game.

Another option that might interest you is the search for specific schedules or match results between countries of your choice.

“For example, you might want to know the only schedule for all matches played by West Indies or result of match between India and Bangladesh.”

The Yahoo! Cricket is also the official event website for the ICC World Cup 2011. So, go visit it and get all the cricket information you want and don't miss out anything.


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