Yahoo!  has reiterated that Webmasters from all over the world must take to using Bing Webmaster Tools as the tools are supporting the Yahoo! Site Explorer community. By using these tools, they can make an effort to keep getting relevant organic search traffic from Bing and Yahoo! 

This July , following their efforts to bring more usable data forward for webmasssters, they included the traffic results for your top performing pages in Bing.  And since the mid of August this year, the traffic data from Yahoo is being integrated by Bing Webmaster Tools in its reports.  In continuation with the Search Alliance efforts, it was decided that this integration is quite sensible at it shows relevant data from both engines within a webmaster account. 

Yahoo further said, “We have been making great progress in transitioning organic search results to the Microsoft search platform in various markets, as part of the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance. The Site Explorer website will continue to be available until organic results are completely transitioned to the Microsoft Search platform in all markets (expected to be completed by the end of the year). Webmasters may continue to use the Site Explorer website and all its services until then.”

Yahoo also informed that as of September 15th 2011, the SiteExplorer YDN API’s are no longer available. This was announced before. In the present scenario, what the webmasters need to do is start using Bing Webmaster Tools for Yahoo results.



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