Google has introduced cross-account conversion tracking and search funnel reporting feature, which will help advertisers in tracking the performance across several AdWords accounts. Google will be making more announcements related to new cross-channel conversion tracking & attribution capabilities in the coming months.

The cross-account conversion tracking will let advertisers create a single snippet of code for all their accounts and will also ensure that a conversion is counted once across the accounts. This will lead to the elimination of duplicate conversion counts and also allow the cross-account attribution.

The set-up process of cross-account conversion tracking is similar to the standard set-up. You will have to choose from the three conversion options, call on-site, and download the application.

Google Adds Cross-Account Conversion Tracking & MCC Search Funnels into AdWords!

After tagging the conversion pages, select the accounts you want to track within MCC. Since, there is no cross-MCC tracking, all the accounts must be housed under same MCC. In case multiple agencies are taking care of aspects such as PLAs, display, and search, you will have to house the accounts under same MCC.

When a new AdWords account is added to MCC (My Client Center) account, users will be able to enable Conversion Tracking by checking a box. 

Google is also advising users to leave their old conversion tracking snippets on the pages for 30 days so that they are not lost. The old code snippets can be stripped out after 30 days. 

After the cross-account conversion tracking is enabled, users will be able to access the cross-account search funnels reports including Overview report, Top Conversion Paths report, and Assisted Conversions report.


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