Google has incorporated some changes to its Google Trusted Stores Certification program that will make it easier for merchants to earn the badge and help them earn trust of people who shop from Google.

Google first launched its Trusted Stores in 2011. At that point, merchants were required to share data about shipments with Google to participate in the program and they got a badge to display.

Since 2011, Google made a number of significant changes to improvise the program. They added the badge to search ads in 2012. Later that year, Google acquired KikScore, which offered its own online trust score system. In 2013, Google added the badges to the now defunct Google Affiliate Network. Later it expanded Trusted Stores to more parts of the world only after offering it in the US. It also started using the program to help power seller ratings on AdWords ads. Last year, Google added HTTP’s support to the program.

Google has now simplified the application process for the program, wherein now merchants need only to create an account and add a couple snippets of code to their site. Merchants no longer need to submit shipment and cancellation feed and can specify custom position for the Trusted Stores badge on their site. All these steps have made it easy for merchants to become one of the Google Trusted Stores.

Google Makes It Easier To Become A Google Trusted Store

Google shopping product manager Michaela Feller says, “Reviews collected through Google Trusted Stores help you qualify for seller ratings, which show on your AdWords text ads and Google Shopping.” She also says “This integration provides shoppers with helpful information, while giving you a free way to earn the rating you deserve.”

“You can also enrich your AdWords ads by displaying your Google Trusted Stores status through a review extension,” Feller adds. “Review extensions are displayed on a separate line in your AdWords ads and may increase their clickthrough rates.”

Google Makes It Easier To Become A Google Trusted Store

These changes were made in the UK, Germany, France, Australia, and Japan a few months ago. Google says it has already led to hundreds of merchants becoming Trusted Stores in those countries.


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