Google yesterday blogged on its Mobile Ads Blog about location bid adjustment and offer extensions available with the Enhanced Campaigns.

This blogpost informs marketers about the following things:

  • Improve campaign results using location bid adjustments, whether your customers buy online or offline.
  • More easily reach customers that are near your business locations. 
  • Drive more offline purchases and measurable in-store traffic with search ads using offer extensions.

Location Targeting With Better Reporting

The most significant feature of Enhanced Campaign is that the marketers can now target multiple locations within one single campaign. Also the marketers can now adjust bids by basing it on a multiple of the location bid that is selected by default.

Google Releases Location Bid Adjustments and Offer Extensions!

With the reporting tool is is now much more simpler to identify the location targets triggered your advertisement. Also, it is easier to see where exactly the user was present when they came across your ads.

This is very useful. For example you have checked the location option of the campaign to default setting. Now it is exceptionally easier to find out where the users who are checking out pages about my targeted location are actually located.

An easy example to understand this is, “Example 1: A commercial maintenance company targets a 20 mile radius around downtown Denver. The marketing director might know that it costs 20% less to sell to and service customers who are within 10 miles of downtown. He can improve his results by increasing his bids by 20% for customers within 10 miles of downtown Denver, since these leads are more profitable.”

Location Extensions Targeting

Another new feature is Location extensions targeting is also new. It allows marketers to increase bids whenever the users are in close proximity to their physical location. According to Google Blog, “It uses the location extensions you’ve already created and a radius that you specify to create targets around your businesses.”

Google Releases Location Bid Adjustments and Offer Extensions!

Offer Extensions

New offer extensions (currently available on U.S. campaigns only) allow the marketers to push limited-time coupons, discount offers and lucrative promotions that users can use offline. Local retailers and shop-owners can use the offer extension to improve foot traffic to their physical stores. Also, manufacturing units can use offer extensions to promote coupons and discount offers usable at stores/shops within their campaign targets.

Google Releases Location Bid Adjustments and Offer Extensions!

Google says, “When customers click your offer, they'll see your offer details, business logo, and nearby stores (see example below). They can print your offer or save it to their Google Offers account for in-store redemption. At the point of sale, customers redeem the offer using either a text code or a bar code.”

Google Releases Location Bid Adjustments and Offer Extensions!

We do find these improvements very lucrative for all businesses. What about you?


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