has updated its official website to a new version in which it has included examples from RDFa and JSON-LD. In addition to the microdata examples provided previously, now supports code examples in RDFa and JSON-LD format, and are displayed in tabs below the details for each item type. The update was first reported by Dan Brickley. Website Receives an Upgradation to Feature Examples from RDFa and JSON-LD

Yet another significant change to the website is that, now a list of the properties for each item type, for which that type is a valid value, appears below the item. This feature is believed to be of particular significance to those webmasters who are not fully conversant with the complete vocabulary and the relevant properties for a type that they are applying. Pictured below is a list of the properties for which, or one of its more specific types, is a valid value: Website Receives an Upgradation to Feature Examples from RDFa and JSON-LD

In the new version of the website, the JSON-LD examples for the hierarchy that were previously present, no longer appears. Various bugs are being identified and fixed before these changes are rolled out. As reported by Brickley, the response to this site upgrade has been extremely positive.

Recently, Google officially endorsed JSON-LD as a way of providing information. Google announced in a blog post in March that it is supporting the new J-SON-LD format embedded in a web page with the RDFa and microdata in the knowledge graph for musical artists. The addition of these examples come as one of the most anticipated upgradations for webmasters and search marketers.


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