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Google may not index or rank the content within the click to expand menus or tabs on the website. The news comes from Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable, after he got a response from John Mueller on Google+. Barry was covering a thread entered on click to expand content not being either indexed or ranked by Google. He decided to ask John Mueller of Google this query in live hangout on Google+ around one week back and received a surpassing response.

Google has announced the addition of new features for mobile search results centered on shopping ads. Through this move, it aims to introduce more detailed product data in the search interface as well as the local inventory and 360 view of the product imagery.

Have Users Noticed Google’s International Reporting Tools Within Webmaster Tools Were Recently Updated?

Google has recently updated the “accuracy” and precision of reporting within the Google Webmaster Tools International Targeting section. On November 18, Google announced:

“Google refined the accuracy for reporting hreflang tags. This update might show as a sudden change in the report graph.”

image 11 Google Refines the Accuracy for Reporting hreflang Tags!

While the year is yet to get over, has charged ahead and released the top searches for this year plus the predictions for 2015. Valerie Combs, a consumer trend expert from has been quoted as saying, "Every year, millions of people come to Ask to get answers, and learn new things through the natural conversational format of Q&A. As a result, we get unique insight into not only what is resonating with millions of consumers today, but how that might evolve in the year ahead.”

Black Friday is little than a week away and shoppers are raring to purchase items, as indicated by a Google study released recently that talks about the Black Friday online shopping trends for this year.

According to the study, Google culled data from different search trends and Google Consumer surveys along with leading trending purchases from Google Express.

Holiday Mobile Shopping Boom in 2014

Skilled webmasters and SEO experts noted a massive spoke in complaints entered on manual actions issued within Google Webmaster Tools in the Polish regions during the weekend.

Google's Polish Webmaster representative, Karolina Kruszyńska.

confirmed this on Twitter saying:

Yes, we have taken action against one of the systems to exchange links.

She then posted an English version of the same on the social media channel Twitter:

Gary Illyes from Google posted on Google+ that he has observed many large sites lose massive amounts of their pages in the Google index for misuse of 403 status codes in situations where they should be opting for 503s.

He said:

“We've seen huge sites lose load of their pages from our index because they were serving them with a 403 status code instead of a 503.”

Mir Rosenberg, the Principal Program Manager, from the Bing Mobile Relevancy team has revealed some of the “factors at play” that determine mobile relevance and ranking in mobile results for Bing.

Bing recently disclosed and launched new mobile crawlers for helping users determine different types of mobile content.

Currently, Bing is providing an explanation of how they determine which mobile sites are relevant for certain queries besides other factors, Specific mobile factors shared by Bing included:

Google has announced adding a new diagnostics tab in the Merchant Center for offering consolidated issue reporting for feeds and items. The Data Quality tab is being replaced by this new Diagnostics tab. The aim is to improve troubleshooting efforts for the feeds and items.

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