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YP has launched a new PPC platform “ypSearch Marketplace” to appeal to the local-nationals. It is a paid search, bidded marketplace that taps into company’s 80 million monthly users on the PC and mobile platform. It is also the infrastructure behind last week’s one-stop shop PPC offering for small businesses.

Instagram Rolls Out Carousel Ads!

Mar 5, 2015 | 527 views | by Ritu Sharma

Instagram announced the news on Wednesday about the launch of carousel ads, allowing the users to swipe through a series of photos in just one ad. This is rolling out on a limited basis over the next few weeks and is only for advertisers and not yet for organic users.

Here is what was written of Instagram’s official blog post:

Twitter is experimenting with the new analytics feature for individual tweets on Twitter, allowing access to snapshot of how Tweets are performing.

Certain users have witnessed the new addition, a bar graph flashing right next to the standard action icons on their Twitter timelines. Here is how it is in Matt McGee’s (@mattmcgee) tweet:-

tweet image 1 Twitter Testing New Analytics Feature For Individual Tweets!

New availability for Twitter users. Twitter has enabled its users to embed Twitter videos to websites without their accompanying tweets. Facebook currently does not support any such feature. If you want to embed a Facebook video, you must embed the full Facebook post.

Facebook is currently getting 3 billion video views daily on its network and Twitter just rolled out mobile video uploading last month but the move shows Twitter’s emphasis on off-platform reach.

Hail Google City Searches! Now users searching for a major city on Google will be likely to see hotel booking information in the knowledge graph box.

Listed right under city’s weather info and local time, Google’s knowledge graph for city searches now includes the city’s average hotel star rating, costs, and a link to “view hotels.”

Google City Image 1 Google City Searches Now Displays Hotel Booking Info In Knowledge Graph!

Bing rolled out on Twitter that the Google AdWords import feature will be now available for all the customers of Bing Ads on a global level. Bing addressed this as “big news” asserting that anyone, anywhere in the world will now be able to use the AdWords import tool to bring their Google AdWords ads into Bing Ads with ease.

Here is the tweet:-

The latest Bing Ads Editor, the ultimate desktop tool for managing campaigns, has updates to v10.7, and has inculcated some new features such as interface changes, post changes and more.

Here’s what the new version is offering:-

1. Keyword Text Editing – You will now be able to edit the text of synced keywords which will help to manage the keywords more efficiently. This will help to edit keywords in the editor pane after they’ve been synced to the cloud.

onsite t Weekly Infographic: The Ultimate On Page SEO Factors!

SEO Optimization is important for your website to stand above in the cut-throat competition that prevails online. However, it is even more important to indulge in genuine and proper on-page practices. It should be duly noted that , many businesses of all shapes and sizes have been rebuked for using improper on-page SEO practice with the advent of Google Penguin. So, the basic question is, what are the benefits of adding on-page SEO factors to site and what techniques should be avoided?

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Google Analytics users will now receive a notification if their website gets hacked. In the same way website owners will get malicious software alerts via Google Webmaster Tools. According to Google’s online security blog, Google Analytics users will now get automatic notifications letting them know when malicious software has been identified on their site.

malware image 1 Google Analytics Users To Receive Malware Notifications!