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Data Is Clear: To Be Effective at Content Marketing, Have a Documented Strategy

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Keeping in mind the ever changing competitive scenario, it is essential to be abreast about the latest technology trends that can help expand business.

Facebook Introduces Place Tips!

Jan 30, 2015 | 827 views | by Ritu Sharma

Facebook released a new feature Place Tips, which offers range of content, information & recommendation of places. With Facebook’s new launched feature Place Tips , you can now get friend’s recommendations and information about the places and things you like. Place tips will show useful, relevant and enjoyable & interesting information about the place you are at. Tapping on place tips won’t post on Facebook, or show it on your news-feed that where you are.

During Facebook’s quarterly earning call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook video is generating more than 3 billion views per day. That’s up from 1 billion daily views Facebook reported in September. The statistics is making people wonder that Facebook is becoming a challenger to YouTube.

Google said to treat Google crawlers, Googlebot, as you would any searcher or user accessing your site from the US. Now Google has initiated a change because it may crawl your site from IP addresses outside of the US and also may crawl your site with language settings outside of English-US.

Google announced that they will now support Locale-aware crawling by Googlebot- which is a huge change for internationalized sites.

Pinterest is enhancing their search results to include and attract more male users. According to reports, they are changing their search to feature more “gender neutral” results.

Google Analytics came out with new “Trash Can” feature today that will help users revive any views, properties or accounts that have been deleted in the last 35 days.

It has been easy to measure how Facebook ads are performing on the basis of clicks and likes, but sales could never be figured out. But now, with Facebook’s new tool, one can measure the amount of new business they get from Facebook ads, specially offline, as said in an announcement today.

Google has released a new Search Queries Report Tool in Google Webmaster Tools and they are offering an Alpha preview of the tool to select beta/alpha testers. If you wish to try and test the new Search Queries Report, sign up at this form and Google may select you.

Social Media network is getting stronger day by day. Facebook, the leader in social referral traffic, went up during the fourth quarter of 2014, and now drives a whopping 25% of the web’s traffic, according to a report released by social management firm Shareaholic.