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Content Marketing

There have been rounds of discussions on the Internet about SEO being dead.

Search Engine Optimization with time has evolved and become more complex. It no longer means stuffing keywords and you need to optimize your website the right way. SEO has grown, become more mature, and taken the shape of Organic SEO.

The fact is that Search Engine Optimization still rules the search world in the form of Organic SEO.

Facts To Know About Weekly Infographic: Top 8 Surprising SEO Facts that you should Know!

SEO has changed greatly over the years. Search engines have become smarter and they can identify what is relevant to the users and what is not.

This infographic by CJG Digital Marketing shows what has changed when it comes to search engine optimization. Have a look at the new SEO facts and how the SEO industry is evolving.



Facebook has a good news for page owners, the social media giant has announced new features to help page owners promote their events and see how well they are performing.

Every month, 400 million people across the globe connect with friends and discover events taking place in their communities. Nearly 30% of these events including community events, concerts as well as special nights at restaurants and bars are created by Facebook pages.

First the authorship images were removed from search results, then authorship reporting in Webmaster Tools, and now it’s over completely- Google will no longer show authorship in search results. Google’s John Mueller confirmed on Google+ that they will no longer be showing authorship bylines in search results.

Here’s an excerpt from Mueller’s Google+ post:

The year's most anticipated conference Pubcon Las Vegas 2014 will see more than 130 great sessions featuring 180 top industry speakers. Named as Forbes must-attend event, the conference & expo will be held at Las Vegas Convention Center on October 6 – 9, 2014.

The social media giant, Facebook has announced the launch of a new feature which allows advertisers to reach users on the basis on the network connection including 2G, 3G or 4G used by them while accessing Facebook.

In July this year Google organized the Learn with Google- Search & Ads conference for Indian businesses in Bangalore and Mumbai. The search engine giant has announced in the Google India blog that it is once again ready for some action with the next edition of the event in Gurgaon on 18th and 19th September.

Google recently updated Google Web Designer to help advertisers build ad units customized for different screen sizes, from desktop to mobile. In a recent blog post in AdWords, Google explains how you can upload HTML5 ads built with Google Web Designer into Google Display Network campaigns.

Watch this video by Google for an overview of the updated Google Web Designer.

The social networking and micro-blogging service Twitter has now opened the analytics access to all users. This was announced in an update to a Twitter support page. This feature was previously available for advertisers and verified users only. The analytics dashboard allows users to see how many people are actually viewing and clicking on their tweets. Twitter engineer Ian Chan also mentioned the change in a tweet.