Lucinda Southworth Continues To Be In News!

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Image 1 Lucinda Southworth Continues To Be In News!
Larry Page & Lucinda Southworth

Lucinda “Lucy Southworth”, wife of one of the world’s most influential men and Google co-founder Larry Page has finished her doctorate in biomedical informatics at Stanford University. Her research was on a comparative analysis of expression data in Eukaryotic organisms. She is a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania and holds a Masters in Science from Oxford University. Both Page and Brin also studied as graduate students in Stanford University before they decided to start Google in 1998.

Lucinda and Larry Lucinda Southworth Continues To Be In News!
Time when the duo was dating

Lucy has also taken part in medical work in South Africa and wants to better the world. She started dating Page in 2006 and it was after about an year and a half, both decided to tie the knot. They had a perfect wedding on Necker Island, a Caribbean hideaway. The place is owned by Richard Branson, the Virgin Group Billionaire.

It is said that 600 people were the part of this extravagant wedding, which included visionaries and friends from Stanford, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, and several business bigwigs. Those who had RSVPs to the nuptial were whisked away on a private plane to the Island where Page had reserved hotels exclusively for guests.

Lucinda Southworth and Page were seen at several parties, which included dinner for Vanity Fair editor Graydon and his wife and at Hollywood for Vanity Fair post-Oscar Party.

Lucy’s older sister Carrie Southworth is an actress and model who is known for her role of Dr. Claire Simpson in the second season of “General Hospital: Night Shift in 2008”. Carrie got married to Coddy Johnson, who was a National Field Director in George W. Bush’s 2004 campaign.

Image 2 Lucinda Southworth Continues To Be In News!
Larry and Lucy went for a vacation to Hawaii on their private jet

Southworth is a tall and beautiful blonde who adds a dose of glamour to the uber-greek persona of Page. She is also affiliated with the prestigious Biomedical informatics lab of Stanford, where computer technology is combined with biology to solve problems in the field of genetics (particularly).

The couple had a baby boy in November 2009. Lucy was rumoured to be carrying their second baby in 2011, however no news about the same made it to the headline.

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Lucinda Southworth Continues To Be In News!, 3.9 out of 5 based on 20 ratings
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4.thumbnail Lucinda Southworth Continues To Be In News!
4.thumbnail Lucinda Southworth Continues To Be In News!