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From search results to websites, webpages, articles and products and now display ads. The +1 button is everywhere. According to Google, the +1 buttons are now available for display ads too. This means that if you are one of those, that have running ads in the Google Display Network, then your ads will now have +1 buttons and annotations. So, by +1ing your ad, people can recommend your ads’ landing pages to others.

How The +1 Will Go Viral:

Google has arranged for the +1 to work simultaneously all over the web. This means that if you +1 a Google Display Network ad anywhere on the web, then it shows up on your website, as in the number of +1s of your site also goes up at the same time. Similarly, if some one has a banner ad, then the amount of times a website is +1ed, the number would go up in the banner too.

+1 on Ads

Ads And The Social Impact Of The +1 Button:

Twitter has acquired the one year old, New York-based social information analysis start up Julpan.

Founded in 2010 by former Google engineer Ori Allon, Julpan works on the real-time determination of what users are sharing through social networking platforms. Its acquisition is likely to help Twitter in coming up with better stream organization.

Twitter Takes Over Julpan

Julpan's technology helps an user to find out the most relevant Web content, even when he does not have any knowledge about the most relevant keyword. Julpan manages to do the same by analyzing the web activity of more than 100 million users. Julpan also claims its algorithms to be able to automatically identify and filter away spams, while categorizing stories by topics.